Kathy White Business Teacher Dutchess BOCES Alternative H.S. 3D Prints!


Welcome to the Future!

A number of students and staff have visited the 3D printer and were introduced to the many applications for its use.  Students made numerous diverse items such as character figurines, fidget cubes, dog tags, basketball game, cookie cutters, key rings, hinged boxes, globes, combs, chess pieces, bracelets, owls, dice, a variety of cell phone case, and more!  The 3D printer worked every day for two months, while students of all ages and skills developed an experience with modifying, customizing and troubleshooting the 3D printing of their creations.  Parents were impressed when seeing a display of some of the 3D printed items. Most parents did not know how the 3D printer worked and student volunteers quickly explained it.

“I wanted the 3D printer for my students to explore because 3D printers will be ubiquitous in many areas of service and production,” says Ms. White. Connect my students at Dutchess BOCES Alternative High School with a 3D printer and be surprised by their creativity and ability to quickly learn the workings of it.  I am grateful to the Mid-Hudson Teacher Center and Mr. Dennis Johnson for allowing us to borrow the MakerBot printer and enjoy a wonderful, educational experience.

Kathy White

Business Teacher

Dutchess BOCES Alternative H.S.